About us


Hnit-Baltic, UAB, operating since 1993, is an authorized Esri Inc. (USA) distributor and leader in GIS (geographical information systems) software supply in the Baltic States. More than 400 clients in Lithuania and abroad have relied on our supplied GIS software & solutions and customer focused services. We have experience in implementing GIS solutions for public organizations and private businesses in various industries such as territory and infrastructure planning, homeland security and defence, cartography and land management, telecommunication and other engineering networks planning and managing, transport and utilities management, etc. Privately owned Lithuanian – Icelandic company operates in the three Baltic States. It acts in Latvia and Estonia via its subsidiary companies – Envirotech and AlphaGIS accordingly.

Hnit-Baltic promotes the importance and effective use of geographical, spatial resource assessment and analysis both on the Government and the public level. Our goalis to assist our customers to effectively manage enterprise-wide processes, infrastructure and transport by employing GIS technologies, to efficiently plan and model processes and environment, enable decision making in view both to traditional and geographical factors.

We offer:

  • Esri GIS Software, technical support and training;
  • Development of spatially enabled information systems and customized applications;
  • Software solutions for telecommunication network data management and radio frequency planning;
  • Software solutions for various industries such as asset and facilities management, territory and infrastructure planning, homeland security and defense, cartography and land management, etc.;
  • GIS solutions for Internet and GIS services for Internet users (www.maps.lt);
  • Geodetic surveying equipment and services;
  • Consultancy services.

Experts of Hnit-Baltic Telecommunication solutions department have designed and developed a tool for radio frequency planning and network data management for telecommunication industry – Cellular Expert™ (CE). Since 1995 it is being successfully sold worldwide. Now CE is used by more than 70 organizations in more than 30 different countries – USA, Canada, Australia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Russia, Malaysia, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Poland, Lithuania and other states.

In 2004 Esri Inc., the pioneer and leader of the GIS software industry, has acknowledged Hnit-Baltic to be Esri authorized GIS Learning Center. As a result, Hnit-Baltic became the first such center in the Baltic States. Starting from 1994 Hnit-Baltic authorized instructors have trained more than 6000 GIS customers from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Moldova, Israel, Kenya, Tunisia, Greece and Romania both from Government and private sectors.

Hnit-Baltic brings its social contribution constantly (for instance, www.maps.lt, e-Gandrai, Inform about harmed nature, etc.), which may serve for environment protection and improvement, economical increase in the Country, effective and sustainable resource management as well as promotion of spatially enabled solutions to the issues.